Wishy Washy but Pretty in Tents

by The Deadbees

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Produced by Ben Banach // Day Old 2010



released January 29, 2010

(b. banach and friends)



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Day Old Records Nashville, Tennessee

The Day Old Basement Recording Company

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Track Name: i am dying; this is a cry for help (with geoff butler)
i sold my heart; i kept my soul/i opened up; i'm still not full/i'm still a ****; you're still a jet/i'm full of love; yr full of shit/or so it goes; or so it stays/i stole the sun; all the starz raze/i took apart yr tv--i made it look easy...hey, hey/i couldn't make you love me; tryna take it easy/i took apart yr tv, yeah; & then u took apart me. & if u love the ****, you can call it big daddy; if you love the moon, y don't u love me? y don't y don't? i'm the only black **** with black I's--the black **** in the black sky. yr glowin now baby; cuz i'm yr blacklight.
Track Name: second, we'll have peaceful faces
We’re so wishy washy

On and offy on and offy

On and off on and onny

On and onny on and onny

On and off she/I’m

So nauseous

I'm so gnoshus ha j ma

Were-sow nosches

Wishy washy toe

I’m so lost

I’m Kob(r)ayashi eating hot dogs

Goin’ for gnoshies, nachos with cheese, nachos with cheese

Wishy wishy

Wishy washy

Moving towards total annialation, turnin' the station

Twistin’ the knobs; radiation

Radio waves; radio nation

We’re so wishy, we’re so washy

We’re so on, and we’re so offy

Absolution headed for saintly r e solution


I got lost and now I’m God-cheese

She’s counting stars

She’s off her rocker next to Mars

Upon a locker filled with things I couldn’t write

I couldn’t tell you; couldn’t fight it

Where is she? When the stars spin around?

When you’re born in the day$

And you’re marked by the pound?

You’re spun around and around, and the days go fast, & times don’t last

M o v in towards to t a l ann i hilation

We’re so wi shy wa shy (ad infinitum) 2:23

I’m so wa shy (it’s complicated)

Wis hy wa shy, wi shy wa shy
bloody fingers, awful monsters,
On and off she wish

She wash, she wish, she on, she offy

We’re so wishy washy —on and offy

On and on we’re lost; she’s standing

Upon a locker on a star --she’s counting stars

she’s off her rocker

She’s on the planet Mars eating Mars Bars

Stalking cannibals in cars counting sheep

Counting bars that she hopped to —busy flies

Bizzy bizzy bees, dragonfly’s lazy days

Summer Places & The Summer Faces


I Love the Trees,

the Gentle Breeze,

the Gentle People, Gentle Places

Lots of things to do & people to meet

I’m the kinda guy who stays on my feet; I don’t get lost; I don’t wander out

I keep it straight

I shout it out: “I don’t pay attention to the distance

Or dissonance and distances and fishing dens and missions and wishies

She’s off her rocker next to Mars

Upon a locker filled with things

I couldn’t write the wrongs she’d bring

If I held her in Spring,

by Fall we’d be as distant as the stars

I’m lost; I’m lost: I’m searching evil locker

I’m l os t o n s e a m a zes."

movin' toward total anti-elation

we'll change the world

juh muh pel

ein claus mit s.o.s. pitt a

peaceful station peaceful waves peaceful faces peaceful waves in peaceful faces

in peaceful places,

peaceful ways.